Find out more about CubeNox, our values and core principles

CubeNox, A brief history and outline

CubeNox is an IT support company and a leading provider of comprehensive fully-managed IT support services, delivering on the technical demands of small-medium businesses across Nigeria and the world at large. We ensure your users are able to work efficiently – by effectively & proactively managing your IT network & systems, from business-critical support issues through to developing a future-proof IT policy & strategy.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria and providing computer services to businesses since October 2019, we’ve come to understand their needs and requirements and anticipate their future needs. Our account managers, programmers and engineers work closely with their client partners to create a bespoke IT Roadmap for the future growth and development of their business taking into account systems, services, users and company goals.

Our managed support services are tailor made to your needs and can be delivered remotely, on-site or a combination of both. We are qualified and experienced in delivering jargon-free technical consultancy, procurement and engineering services for a wide-range of IT infrastructure or managed service needs.

We were truly born into the ‘cloud revolution’ and, unlike many of our competitors, are the step-ahead with the latest advances in technology. Our industry expertise, coupled with knowing our clients’ businesses, enables us to deliver both commercially & technically sound consultancy and advice.

We take a holistic approach to the delivery of our support & managed services, and as such, understand that IT is an integral part of business operations today – linking everyone and everything. The tide is changing on users having to change to the way that systems work; we ensure that the user is at the core, with services tailored around their needs, driving efficiency & flexibility.

CubeNox takes security, compliance & a structured service approach seriously.

Our Goals are to:

  • Provide the highest quality of service
  • Provide the best value
  • Return value to our clients through our service
  • Resolve issues permanently and quickly
  • Communicate clearly and openly
  • Provide accurate, timely advice and consultation
  • Become partners to our clients
  • Be the best “Outsourced, In-House IT Department”


We provide Value to our clients through:
  • quality of service
  • clear communication of service Features and Benefits
  • Return on investment
  • strategic planning


We provide Reliability to our clients through:

  • prevention of incidents
  • swift resolution of service requests
  • effective continuity planning
  • consistent quality of service


To build and maintain Trust with our clients through:

  • Keeping our word
  • Meeting client expectations
  • Timekeeping
  • Transparent support channels


To increase and enforce Efficiency internally and for our clients through:

  • Constant improvement of processes
  • Effective timekeeping
  • Effective communication
  • Regular audits and performance reviews

At the heart of our service delivery are our three pillars – build, support, protect.


We use the term build in many ways in our business and it sits at the core of our tenets. We talk about building relationships, building networks, building systems and building businesses. In this way, ‘build’ represents our creative nature and our intention to help shape businesses from an early stage for future growth. The same is true of our business internally. Every project and engagement we undertake is underpinned by ‘Build’ establishing strong foundations from day one. From a solid future-proof base, we can help your business grow & develop unhindered.


The main body of work performed by our business is in supporting our clients. Whether we’re maintaining IT systems, clients and users or supporting good causes and charities, we believe that our support helps our clients to succeed. We will support the creative and business vision of our clients and assist in the guidance, implementation and delivery of their plans.

Nurture & maintain your people and operation through proactivity, strong communication and active ownership & management. Set and achieve tangible business goals with our support.


We’re proud of the work we create, the clients which we support and the business we’ve built so it’s only natural and logical that we want to protect this. Protection for us is the overarching aim of our work. This is why we have invested in market leading Cyber Security solutions and we’re always expanding our portfolio for our clients. The protection element is commonly overlooked by businesses as they strive to build and run their business, leaving data and technology in unsecured environments. We create a holistic solution for our clients encompassing a range of appropriate products and services to solve their problems completely, first time.

Through security, compliance, policies and training we can best shield your business and data from potential threats.